Shorten Links

Replace your long affiliate links for easy use.

No more long links that break in emails!


No More Link Hijacking

No one can replace your affiliate ID with their own

because it's not shown in the link you give them.


No More Link Bypassing

People won't be confused by your affiliate links

and can't chop off the affiliate id.


Cloak And Track Unlimited Links

Keep track of the number of times each of your cloaked links has been clicked on.

You also can View the Referring URLs to keep track of where your traffic is coming from.


Private Label

Unlike some cloaker tools, No ads will display when someone

clicks your cloaked links, Only your website will show.


No Software To Download

You will get instant access to the link cloaker tool in the members area

so there's no JavaScript to screw up and everyone makes it to the sales page.


Jl.ink Short URL Creator

Join as Free or Pro

Change This: 👎 http://www.yourdomain.com/page/home.html

To This: 👍 http://jl.ink/a01  <-  (example)

Instant Access!

Pro Membership Benefits

✔️ Shorten Unlimited URL's

✔️ Referrer, IP and Date time detailed stats for all the hits for last 7 days

✔️ Earn 50% Commissions for each pro member you refer.

✔️ Get Random Referrals.

✔️ No Top Frame with banner advertisement at your shortened url.

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Instant Access!
Free Membership Benefits

✔️ Shorten 25 URL's

✔️ Unlimited Hits To Your Links

✔️ Referrer, IP and Date time detailed stats for all hits for last 7 days

✔️ Earn 25% Commissions for each pro member you refer.

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